Documentation of the Jewish Cemeteries in Satu Mare

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Jewish Cemeteries in Satu Mare - Introduction
The majority of their descendants have no possibility of visiting the tombs of their loved ones, for various reasons , such as residing abroad. The purpose of this website is to facilitate a virtual visit, which may also be a significant source for genealogy researchers.
The names of Holocaust Martyrs are engraved on many tombstones in the Jewish cemeteries of Satu Mare.
Despite all the efforts, I cannot claim there are no errors. Time has worn out some of the inscriptions; in other cases I was unable to decipher the abbreviations. I apologize in advance. In some cases I have published the mother's maiden name. Any remarks, corrections and/or completions are most welcome. Although the project is still under work, I have decided to publish it.
The Status-Quo Cemetery is in its final stage and I have managed to identify approximately half of the tombstones in the Orthodox Cemetery so far.
I hope to finalize the project in the near future with the valuable collaboration of photographer Alexander Huzau.

George Elefant
Tel Aviv 2011

Above: Details of the two cemeteries